"Behind-the-Canvas with Dexter Cheston and Yorkie" - For the 2024, Nail Color Collection Art Exhibit, New York, NY America


Nail Color Collection

Currently On View through Aug 31 2024

Blurring the line between the abstract and the concrete.

Experience a glimpse into the creative process with American, Visual Artist, Dexter Cheston, and explore the conceptual underpinnings of Dexter’s fashion-art.

Open about sharing the creative process in this behind-the-scenes video, in order to allow viewers to explore his studio practice and the collaborative nature of Dexter’s work. Plus having his Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie) play while we work, adds a delightful touch to the creation, for sure.

As Dexter narrates his process, viewers will be treated to invaluable insights into the mind of the artist. Throughout the 10min video, Dexter discusses the process of “taking something so basic and creating a composition of color stories.”

Whether experimenting with simple brushstrokes or delicately blending bold shades, Dexter’s confidence in this amazing collection of original works is unmistakable, leaving viewers in awe of his artistic dexterity.

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